Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's been a very exciting few weeks here in Germany. We've gone on trips to Oktoberfest, Karlsruhe to see The Decemberists, and then to Berlin to see Devin and her band, ItaloPorno. On our way back from Berlin, we also stopped in Leipzig, the second largest city in what East Germany. We only could stay for 3 hours so we could catch the ICE back to Heidelberg, but it turned out that we had the fortunate luck to arrive during an annual medieval festival complete with a parade and at least a square mile of vendors selling medieval-themed merchandise like handmade leather goods, capes, and skirts. We took it upon ourselves to sample some of the goods, like Met, which is the German version of Irish Mead (honey wine). We also tried some hot spiced wine, a waffle with hazelnut spread, and Himbeer (raspberry beer).

Oktoberfest was absolutely incredible! We took a bus with the USO to Munich and arrived shortly before noon. Noon starts the kick off of Oktoberfest, where the mayor of the city taps the first keg in the main tent and announces that all other kegs in other tents may be tapped and beer can begin to be consumed. There was a huge parade going between the tents and it seemed like everyone, probably 85% of people there, was dressed in the traditional Bavarian Dirndl or Lederhosen.

Please see the next few posts for pictures!

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