Monday, October 8, 2007

German Reunification Day!

October 3rd was German Reunification Day and we celebrated by taking a road trip to IKEA (to find out it was closed for the holiday) and then we went to see Broken Social Scene that evening at the Karlstorbahnhof down the street from where we live:

broken social scene

Their opening act, Gentleman Reg, was outstanding and probably the best opener I've ever seen, not to mention that he had a platinum blond afro and a platinum blond moustache to boot:

Broken Social Scene was pretty mind-blowing too, except their ensemble shifts so frequently that I can't keep up with the members:

On Friday we made the 15-minute voyage to IKEA yet again and found lots of great stuff like a potato masher, a strainer, tongs, throw pillows, a cutting board, and lots of lighting. It was a magical experience as expected, but the prices seemed to be higher than the Canton store back in Michigan. Lame!

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