Saturday, August 25, 2007

We're here!

Hi Everyone!

We arrived in Frankfurt on Wednesday and have been getting things set up ever since. We are currently in the Army Guest House here at Patrick Henry Village where they have a movie theatre, Burger King, and a grocery store (commissary).

My first day of orientation was on Thursday and the school is really great. It used to be the largest villa in Heidelberg and was built by a scientist at the University of Heidelberg. The people there are really great and I've already met people from Alaska, Germany, Holland, Serbia, Turkey, Wales, and Russia. We learned about the school and all the trips that we could go on to places like Stockholm (Sweden), Sofia (Bulgaria), and a trip around Scotland.

We've been getting accustomed to the public transit system here in Germany, but we still are thinking about getting bikes to ride around once we get a place closer to the Altstadt ("old city") area.

The houses are beautiful and the downtown areas are full of pedestrians and lots of interesting shops and things to do! We'll post pictures at some point in the future.