Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm now back in Michigan! A lot has happened since I last wrote in March. My sister Haley, Alex, and Caitlin visited me and I had a lot of fun traveling to Valencia, Prague, Plzen, and Dublin.

Joe and I had a chance to see some more things in Heidelberg that we hadn't made time to see while I was living there so we went one some day trips, like the one to the top of our mountain via Bergbahn and we checked out the Packaging Museum, which is pretty geeky but fascinating to me!

I'm back in Michigan and starting school again, so I don't have a need for my "Heather in Heidelberg" blog anymore. My email address is HHendricks(at)gmail(dot)com if anyone wants to get in touch with me!

Thanks to everyone who checked the blog out :)