Monday, September 24, 2007

Our trip to Hamburg was great! We took the ICE (Inter-City Express) train there and it only took a few hours. The trains go about 250 miles per hour (406.9 km/h) and we enjoyed seeing the beautiful German countryside with the rolling mountains and rivers.

Once we arrived in Hamburg, we went to see Modest Mouse in concert at Fabrik, a concert hall in Altona that used to be a factory. The show was amazing even though Joe sustained injuries (a scratch across the face) from the mosh pit.

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Joe with the famous Schmitt Theatre

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Me with my favorite Hamburger beer, Astra.

The next day we bought a tour guide and made it our mission to check off as many sites as we could! We bought day passes for the public transportation and saw lots of great places. Hamburg is a shipping city with more bridges than Venice and more canals than Amsterdam.

We spent our last night in Hamburg on the Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn is like Halloween and Las Vegas mixed together, and everything stays open and busy all night. After bar crawling and going to coffee shops all night, we went to the Fischmarkt at 5am and had fresh Berliner donuts, coffee, and sandwiches. The Fischmarkt was enormous and had lots of fish, produce, meat, and all kinds of vendors with clothing and things like honey. When we got to the final part of the Fischmarkt, there was a building with a live band (before 6am! and everyone was dancing and eating after their big night and there were also older people who woke up early.

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The view from the Fischmarkt of the river.

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A view from upstairs where the band was playing in a beautiful old factory.

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Joe and the Fischmarkt building...after a very long night of drinking.

We had a really great time in Hamburg and we are looking forward to Berlin this weekend!

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