Sunday, September 2, 2007

This is a map of the Altstadt (Old City) area. We're going to be living on Schlossberg Strasse (Castle Mountain Street) which is a very steep hill and only takes a few minutes to walk to/from Hauptstrasse (Main Street) where it is divided between really great pubs, cafes, "culture bars", and a huge shopping district. There are also two really big churches with beautiful bell towers.

Yesterday we took a hike up the mountain for a tour of the Heidelberg Castle and the view was phenomenol! They also had fireworks off the Altbruecke (Old Bridge) that were breathtaking. The boats in the Neckar were all out for the fireworks and it seemed like everyone in the entire area was crowded around the river for the festivities. No pictures of the fireworks, but here are some of the castle!

This is me with the castle in the background from the opposite side of the river.

This is taken at the castle, with Joe keeping watch of the city of Heidelberg.

This is me inside the castle with das grosse Fass (the big vat) where they can keep 48,000 gallons of wine.

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