Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Rowdy Night in Heidelberg

I hadn't seen my Schiller friends for weeks, so I decided that we needed to get together for some fun on the Untererstrasse, where the good bars and clubs are.

Thamar, Anna, and I started at Extrablatt for dinner on the Hauptstrasse. I had an awesome Caprese pizza and we had a perfect table by the window so that we could see all the action going on outside. After dinner, Liam and Joe joined us and we headed to the bar. Joe and I taught everyone how to do our signature move:


After our pitcher, we hit the streets and ran into Anna's gangstas, Alex and Martin the Crazy Slovak.

It was great having all my favorite Heidelbergers together:

These two are always up to something.

After the guys went off on their own, we hit the Dubliner and met an American from Philly who works for SAP and was on a business trip. We had so much fun talking to her (and drinking) that we felt we needed to take her to the castle since she was leaving in the morning.

She was staying in a hotel by the river with a beautiful view of the bridge and the water. She also had a mini bar which we made use of by bringing champagne and wine up to the castle, just in case!

It was dark and raining/hailing heavily during our trek, but Anna managed to take this awesome shot of the castle. Sometimes I think it's even more beautiful at night, all lit up, than it is during the day.

I'm the shadowy figure in the lookout area with a view of the entire city!

Making the castle look good:

The three of us, totally drenched but having fun!

We saw that there was a party going on in one of the rooms and we decided we needed to investigate, just to make sure everyone was okay. We ended up crashing a German lawyer's going away party and snuck into one of the rooms they weren't using so that we could see the inside of the castle and get out of the rain! Anna and Kim threw caution to the wind and decided to sing in the rain inside of the castle:

We ended the night by harassing a local fraternity and being chased down Schlossberg! German frat boys take their parties very seriously.

All in all, a totally fabulous night to remember!

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